Commercial Masonry

EK Birken Masonry provides structural and decorative masonry services for a range of commercial construction services, including concrete construction and concrete repair, brick masonry, stone masonry, and block masonry. We work with all styles of brick, block, or stone in all phases of construction. Starting anywhere from the foundation to finish, we deliver quality workmanship and reliability at a reasonable cost.

With more than 20 years of experience in commercial construction, EKB Masonry ensures quality by rigorously training our team, overseeing all projects with hands-on daily site management, and paying strict attention to detail and budgets. Teamwork with our clients is essential, and we keep communication open every step of the way. We stay on time, on plan, and on budget.

EK Birken Masonry strives to develop lasting relationships with our clients based on trust, efficiency, and quality. We aim to be your masonry contractor of choice. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Commercial masonry contractor services include:

  • Natural stone, cultured stone, cast stone, veneers, facades, retaining walls, paving
  • Brickwork contractor, all phases
  • Fireplace and chimney construction and repair
  • Patch and repair work

See examples of EKB Masonry’s masonry contractor work samples below or by visiting our gallery. Contact us to discuss your next project.