Installation of a salt crystal finish driveway.

Whether it’s a walkway, driveway, foundation, flatwork, or any other concrete work, EK Birken Masonry’s concrete contractors are experienced concrete finishers and technicians who have demonstrated knowledge and ability to place, consolidate, finish, edge, joint, cure, and protect concrete work. EKB Masonry will never cheat or skimp on the thickness of the customers’ concrete. Some contractors specify 4 inches of concrete, but since they use processed 2×4’s, the concrete is actually 3-5/8 inches deep, or 3/8 inches less than what it says. Competitors do this to save on concrete.

If you’re considering a concrete construction project, call EK Birken Masonry and let us handle the:

  • Planning for slab-on-ground placement
  • Concrete materials, mixture proportioning, and control tests
  • Preparation before placing concrete
  • Floor flatness and levelness
  • Placing equipment
  • Finishing tools and equipment
  • Procedures for finishing
  • Jointing
  • Curing and protection of concrete
  • Concrete cutting
  • Finishing problems and possible solutions

EK Birken Masonry starts by excavating the soil in the area where the concrete will be poured. Some projects may require a gravel or sand base for support, while others can be poured directly onto the soil. Wooden or composite boards are used to create forms to hold in the wet concrete. Rebar, wire mesh, or fiber can be placed into the concrete to help support and reinforce the structure, though this is not always required on basic flatwork. Finally, the concrete mixture is poured and allowed to harden, or cure, to a solid finish.

Concrete may also include repair or maintenance to fix existing concrete surfaces. Over time, concrete walkways or slabs can develop chips or cracks, which are not only unsightly, but also a threat to the integrity of the structure. For minor cracks, contractors inject the crack or void with special concrete epoxy, or fill it with a simple patching compound. Major repairs may require that the concrete be broken out and replaced with new concrete. Damaged surfaces may also be coated with a thin top layer of concrete to refinish the surface.

Simple projects are often well-suited to do-it-yourself (DIY) homeowners. For example, a small concrete patio or walkway is an easy project for even novice installers and requires only basic tools and supplies. Large-scale projects like sidewalks or driveways often require the skill and equipment that only an experienced contractor can provide.

Decorative Concrete

Despite its name, concrete does not have to feature a boring, flat finish. Many modern applications are highly textured, with special patterns and colors used to give the concrete a pleasing look. For example, stamps or molds can be used to give concrete patios the look of traditional brick or stone. Even specialty trowel work can add swirls or other designs to a paved structure. To create a smooth and simple look, a wooden float or trowel is used to remove excess concrete and flatten out the surface as it dries.

Concrete Repair and Maintenance Services

EK Birken Masonry can help you with any concrete construction repair, including repairs consisting of joint or crack resealing. These repairs include sawing or routing to prepare the concrete joint or crack faces to ensure adhesion of the sealer and to provide the proper shape factor. Repairs may consist of partial depth milling or chipping to remove deteriorated or spalled concrete, and/or removal of the concrete if necessary.

See examples of EKB Masonry’s previous concrete construction below or by visiting our gallery. Contact us to discuss your next project.